The divisions within the area of Hungexpo:

Regional areas:

Hungarian agriculture and agriculture related cultural features are introduced within the area of Hungexpo according to the nine touristic regions (e.g. Central and Transdanubian, Southern Transdanubian region, etc.), while displaying the most important landscapes (e.g. Őrség, Göcsej, Muraköz, Zselicség, etc.). The area planned for the introduction: Pavilions A, F and G.

Thematic areas:

The venues of the thematic programs are somewhat separated from the regional areas.

We wish to utilize the areas for the thematic displays in the following order:

  • Pavilion D: garden and technology,
  • B and C pavilion: show of small and big animals,
  • Pavilion No 25: central venue of the conference
  • outdoor 1: Exhibition of machinery
  • outdoor 2: Park of genuine species
  • outdoor 3: Dishes in cauldron
  • outdoor 4: Outdoor catering unit
  • outdoor 5: Outdoor catering units

    See: map


Venue: OMÉK 2015: Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center

Address: 1101 Budapest, Albertirsai út 10.

Date of the event: September 23-27, 2015



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